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I can have a great positive impact on any and all of your marketing communications. Whether it's applying pre-determined style and voice to a new project… or designing a new piece or campaign that's just a gleam in your Marketing Director’s eye.

If you’re a Creative Services Manager swamped with too many projects for your creative team to handle… call me for your overflow projects. I’ll move your schedule along with minimal supervision and maximum satisfaction.

Or, if you're at "square one", and you've got a brand new product or service, or new company and little else... I can help you build the foundation of a successful marketing effort.

I can “pay off” a concept that’s already been approved, put polish on a rough draft, or I can drive the project from start to finish.

Blank slate? Tight deadline? Business as usual for me. Give me a subject, a deadline and I’ll come up with several great directions to choose from. I can even start with a marketing problem and suggest the media to use to get the word out.

Where does your product stand among your competitors? If you don’t know, you should. I can help you discover how your rivals (and perhaps some products or companies you didn’t even know were competitors, but are) stack up with you, and how you can make maximum use of your strengths.

This is the high lofty stuff that most people are totally lost with. Beyond mere positioning, branding reflects the ethos of your company, and speaks to the gut feeling people get whenever they see your logo or hear the name of your product. Don’t think that’s important? Ask Nike, Microsoft, McDonalds or other industry leaders what value they place on their brands. Then call me to get started on establishing yours.