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Printer's Inc.

    I wanted some ads in my book that were decidedly no-tech. So, I came up with a campaign of 4 column x 10" ads to run in local arts weeklies, such as Metro or SF Weekly. Printer's Inc. was actually the first bookstore to mix books and coffee, before the super book chains got in on the act. This made Printer's Inc. a big hit among the Stanford U. crowd.

    I art-directed these as well, and an Art Director buddy of mine did the hand-lettering production duties.

    On each ad, the border type alternates coffee flavors with book store section titles (e.g., Kenya AA ~ Art ~ French Roast ~ Biography ~ Kona). This and the playful hand-lettering style accentuate the informal feel of the store locations.


    Printers Inc. ad #1 Printers Inc. Ad #2 Printers Inc. ad #3