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Onboard Systems

    Onboard Systems is a manufacturer of helicopter cargo hooks and related gear. Sounds pretty dry at first, but upon closer inspection, it’s actually interesting; the physics involved and the technology. But, Onboard’s voice to the world, its website, looked more like an industrial catalog, something you’d expect from a car parts maker:



Behind the scenes, Onboard had a lot going for it, and had a chance to really make a move in its industry. There was one clear leader, but they were old, slow, hard to work with… research told us customers were just looking for an excuse to use anyone else but the established leader. However, none of the 5 or 6 competitors were distinguishing themselves as a likely alternative.

Meanwhile, Onboard had some fairly nice-looking collateral, and better yet, a great story to tell: they could offer more modern products, at better prices, and ship them today (instead of waiting until the leader got around to manufacturing the next batch of older-technology parts, which could take 6 months or more). But Onboard’s marketing efforts weren’t capitalizing on this advantage, or telling the story. Also, their website looked no better than those of the rivals they clearly had an advantage over.

PMSI was called in to change gears for Onboard. We recommended a refresh of the entire marketing effort, and the first phases of that campaign were to overhaul the web site and their tradeshow booth. The result was a much more modern-looking site that also told some of the story of the company’s technology, its processes and its people. Search functions were also updated, to enable users to quickly find the part they need, position it against any competing product, and speed the time to order.