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When the leaders of paper-based scheduling products diversified into PCs, they also decided to try to market a home version. We felt it would be a great impulse buy, and could be well advertised during drive time, catching commuting high tech workers on their way to and from work, and convincing them to stop by their local PC or electronics outlet to pick up a copy. To cut through the clutter, and use the magic properties of radio to make the most outlandish situations vivid and hilarious, I wrote a spot based on what might happen if everyone began using the product to organize thier home activities... problems with the Refrigerators Union. This one was never produced, but I sure wish it had been. Would've been fun to mix with the right voices and sound effects.

Refrigerator Strike

(SFX) Sounds of a rowdy picket line: chants of "We won't be frozen out; that is what the strike's about!"

(Reporter) I'm here with the leader of the Refrigerator's Union. Sir, why are all these major appliances on strike???

(SFX: sound of bottles jiggling as refrigerator accents key phrases; a whooshing machinery sound as he talks in a thick, Brooklyn accent)

(Fridge) We're protesting working conditions; people are taking notes from school, phone numbers and dish duty schedules off our doors!!

(Voice from picket line) And it's all cuz of Day-Timer Home Life!!

(Other voices) Yeah! Our door magnets, they got nothin' to do!

(SFX: rowdy chaos, sound of loud defrost cycles spooling up)

(Reporter) Day-Timer HomeLife? You mean the new software for Windows 95 PCs??

(Fridge) Exactly!! People think Day-Timer Home Life is a better way to store family information and communications all in one place.

(Reporter) Like phone numbers...

(Fridge) Right.

(Reporter) And household inventories...

(Fridge) Yeah, even medical histories, emergency contacts, To-Do lists...Day-Timer HomeLife even keeps the entire family social calendar...all on the PC!

(Reporter) Sounds much more efficient if I may say so...tidier, too.

(Fridge) Yeah, well, we gotta earn a living, too! If things don't change soon...there's gonna be a lot of sour milk and runny Jell-O out there!

(Crowd roars its approval) Thaw out! Thaw out! (SFX: ice being ejected from ice dispensers, jiggling bottles, clanging shelves, slamming fridge doors)

(Announcer) New Day-Timer HomeLife stores all your family's most important data in your Windows PC...where you can get to it easily and more efficiently. So things go more smoothly...for almost everybody.

(Fridge) We got the Shoe Boxes and Cabinet Drawer unions on our side; they're ready to walk too!!!

(Announcer) Day-Timer HomeLife. From the folks who have kept you organized for 50 years. Now available at CompUSA and Computer City.