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Customer Relationship Management Firm

    This company is in the business of helping sales organizations reduce the cost and time investment of complex sales cycles and manage ongoing customer relationships. It’s part marketing, part science... and totally complicated. So complicated, in fact, that the company's executives had a hard time explaining it themselves. So, they came to us at ID Branding to help them clarify their selling proposition, Engineered Processes, and to cheaply revamp their web site so they could compete with similar firms that didn’t have their core technology, but simply looked more the part in the business-to-business space.

    crm website


The strategy was to create a site that allowed visitors to get a quick overview education in the company's special brand of Customer Relationship Marketing, and to focus on proven, quantifiable results. So, each section alluded to improvement, return on investment, and positive outcomes in specific percentages, dollar figures, etc. In keeping with the hardnosed, ‘guerilla marketing’ style of the company ’s chief exec, the tone was aggressive and no-nonsense, in stark contrast with the‘jargonspeak’ and ‘solution-eze’ language of theircompetitors. And the site's lead capture mechanism, allowing download of more detailed whitepapers, actually used the company ’s own strategy of ‘starting a dialogue’ with would-be customers to move a long, complex considered purchase cycle.