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Cadence Design Systems

    To dramatize the curriculum of Cadence's Education Services, I revived an old, but highly effective sales pitch from the early '70s, and played tongue-in-cheek on the insecurities of engineers who constantly worry about falling behind the leading edge of technology. Here we see an engineer in place of the skinny kid on the beach who gets sand kicked in his face by the bully. The story turns out the same, though...our hero comes up the winner, and all because of Cadence Education Courses.

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    Don't be a 98-Gate Weakling! 

    Boss: Phelps, Can you jump in and take the lead on our million-gate design?
    Phelps: Gee, I dunno...I never...

    Boss: Yeah, what was I thinking? I'll go ask Johnson...he's a real engineer.
    Co-worker: You still using 5.25" floppies, too?

    Back in his cubicle...

    Phelps: I'll show them! I'll sign up for a couple of Cadence courses!



    Part of a Finalist entry in the 1999 HP In Awards



    Phelps: In just a month I've learned more about design and verification than my co-workers know combined!

    Phelps: You know that verification problem that's got you behind schedule? I've solved it!

    Boss: So we'll make our launch?

    Phelps: Thanks, Cadence!

    Bulk up on design intelligence with Cadence courses. 

    EDA technology moves so fast, you can quickly find your present knowledge woefully inadequate. Don't be the laughing stock of your company! Be like Phelps - the one who comes out on top - simply by enrolling in one of the comprehensive EDA technology courses at Cadence.

    From high-level architectural design, to IC and ASIC design, or PCB and MCM design and layout, we've got the courses that can quickly make you a design powerhouse! They're just waiting at a Cadence training center near you. 

    Courses are also available in private and semi-custom settings (based on your company's needs). Call for details.

    Don't suffer with scrawny technology skills. Select your classes from the spring/summer course schedule and prepare to "get buffed" on that key technology today!

    Call now! 1.800.787.2460

    (Inside the foldout piece is the schedule)


    This mailer inspired a series of similar "comic" mailers, expanded using superhero and romance comic themes.